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When do you normally have music in a wedding ceremony?

Civil Ceremonies

Civil ceremonies are very short, so music provides the opportunity to enhance your wedding vows and give a little more atmosphere, style and substance to your ceremony. It also enables you to settle into your ceremony before you actually make your marriage vows.

Arrival of Guests

This is the time when everyone is chatting away with no particular focus but a general sense of occasion. You can create a special mood by choosing reflective or romantic music as a prelude to the service.  Music usually commences 20 mins before the bride walks down the aisle.

Processional – Arrival of the Bridal Party

A beautiful song for the entrance of the bride and bridesmaids will help to set the scene.

Signing of the Register

During the signing of the register, music helps to keep everyone focused and enhances the mood of the wedding, even whilst photographs are taken.  Two songs are usually performed here.

Recessional – Departure of the Bride & Groom

Provides an opportunity for and uplifting song while the newly married couple exits.

Church Weddings

Church weddings provide further opportunities for music:

Before or After Vows

You might choose a song to enhance your vows or emphasise a reading or prayers.

Catholic Weddings

Might also include a sung Psalm or spiritual song in place of a reading.

During the candle-lighting ceremony

Any religious songs can be sung during this time.

During Communion

Any religious pieces are appropriate here. 

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