Funeral Programs

Natalie Claire and her funeral musicians can bring the celebration and solace of beautiful music to any funeral service, whether religious, non-religious, church or crematorium.

Natalie can perform at key points in the service, or just lead everyone in the hymns incase nobody feels much like singing themselves.

What type of funeral are you planning?

When do you normally have music in a funeral?

Church Funerals


Performed before the service, this music provides a gentle welcome for family and friends.  You may prefer quiet music from the organ or violin. We usually perform 20 mins instrumental here.

Entrance Song

This can be a song or hymn to gather attention, or to accompany the funeral procession as it enters the church or chapel. Music ideas: ‘Ave Maria’ or ‘Amazing Grace’.

Offertory Hymn

A psalm is often sung after a reading, allowing a moment for reflection.  One of the most popular psalms is ‘The Lord is My Shepherd’.

Communion Hymn

A hymns may be sung here, giving family and friends a chance to sing too.   Two songs may be required if you have a large congregation receiving communion.  Popular hymns: ‘On Eagles Wings’ and ‘Abide with Me’. 

Song During Slideshow

A special song could be performed during a slideshow.  Music ideas: ‘How Great Thou Art’ or ‘Danny Boy’.


As the funeral procession departs, you may like a positive, uplifting song to accompany this.  Music ideas ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ or ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone.’

Funeral Services at Cremations


This happens before the services starts, to give a calming welcome in music for friends and family.  Instrumental music or a soft song would be appropriate here.


As the funeral procession enters the chapel.  Music ideas: ‘Morning Has Broken’ or ‘Fields of Gold’.


A favourite song during the service.


This is optional as you may prefer no religious music at all.


In some services, a piece is performed as a period of reflection. Music ideas: ‘The Rose’ or ‘The Last Rose of Summer’.


To conclude the service, a joyous song to confirm the celebration of their loved one’s life.  Music ideas ‘You Raise Me Up’  or ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’.

Outside Funerals and Burials

We have a small battery powered sound system that we can provide for outdoor services.  It amplifies the music so that it is loud enough to be heard clearly but not too loud for a funeral service.

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