Vocalist & Keyboard Player/Organist


Vocalist, Keyboard Player & Violinist


2 Vocalists (soprano & tenor) & Keyboard Player


Vocalist, Keyboard Player, Violinist and Cellist


2 Vocalists (soprano & tenor), Keyboard Player & Violinist


Vocal Quartet (soprano, alto, tenor & bass) & Keyboard Player


Vocal Quartet (soprano, alto, tenor & bass), Keyboard Player & Violinist


Cantabile Choir (8 professional singers) & Keyboard Player


Cantabile Choir (8 professional singers), Keyboard Player & Violinist



The keyboard player can play the church organ or bring his own instrument.  Other instrumental combinations can be arranged.  Please contact to discuss.  All fees are +GST.  The above fees including 20 mins of gathering instrumental followed by a standard ceremony of up to an hour.  An extra fee may apply to longer engagements or for travel out of the Sydney/Wollongong area.

Payment Options

Payment of the fee is required to secure the booking. Once you have booked we will be turning away other engagements for your chosen date.

Email or text 0415 796 095 for an immediate response.

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